Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ilchi Lee Poem: Divinity

From Ilchi Lee’s book Songs of Enlightenment

A night filled with inky blackness
A star whispers in my ears
Twinkling with merriment and delight;
The stars you see above
You see only with ears.

I had thought so once
That it was I who saw an your eyes;
The raindrops pinging on the windows
You hear only with your d heard
The stars and the rains;
Now that I truly open my eyes and ears
I realize that I am myself the stars and the rain;
A bright light sweeps through me
Then I am neither the star nor the rain;
Truly realizing myself and everything else
Life everlasting and whole
That cannot be placed into words.

Heavens, stars continue to twinkle
Heavens, raindrops continue to fall.

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